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The thought …

Gourmet – means a connoisseur of good food; a person with a discerning palate.  Kendraa – means centre/center – a place or group where a specified activity is concentrated; derived from the root word‘Kendra’ in Sanskrit, one of the world’s oldest languages.

The inspiration …

Gourmet Kendraa was inspired by my parents. My father – Mr. Anil Kumar Batra, a Corporate Communications Guru and my mother – Mrs. Neelam Batra, entrepreneur and Culinary Arts Instructor at Perfect Cookery, Bareilly India.

My parents always encouraged me to follow my passion.

So here I am with my passion for South Asian Cuisine (Cuisines of  India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan) and cultural connect of vibrantly diverse regions of Indian sub-continent. Not to ignore constant succour from my brother Anupam Batra and all my friends and extended family.  Their endless enthusiasm for South Asian Cuisine pushed me to create the one-stop platform – Gourmet Kendraa! Thanks to each one of you for being my immutable support system.

Being a Leo, I just cannot stop bragging! So here are some of my richly deserved bragging rights of being an Ace South Asian Cuisine Consultant / Instructor; Adventurous Food Writer /Journalist; Meticulous Recipe Writer / Editor.

All this justly backed by a bag full professional Food and Media degrees and experiences of working with internationally highly acclaimed institutions and organizations – in India and in Canada. For more on my journey so far visit Gourmetkendraa Timeline

Gourmet Kendraa is the one-stop platform for South Asian Cuisine. Please check Gourmet Kendraa Services for more details.

Read my blog to know how I create a symphony of words and South Asian spices at my kitchen workstation or in your kitchen.

Yes! I may visit your kitchen if you invite me to share my passion for cuisines and cultures of South Asia. More on that soon…

Connect with me at GourmetKendraa Facebook group, Instagram Gourmet_Kendraa, Google plus page, LinkedIn, Twitter or circle me at Google Plus: Deepti Batra

Let’s together make Gourmet Kendraa – a central place for all South Asian gourmets to gather, share and enjoy!!

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